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What Do We Know About the Security of Voting by Mail?

Mail-in voting has a long history in the U.S. In five states, vote-by-mail is the primary method of voting, and all states offer the option. Learn how these ballots are secured.

Why Can't We Vote by Phone or Online?

There is currently no online voting technology that can match the security and secrecy of in-person and mail-in voting.

How Do Election Officials Check for and Prevent Voter-registration Fraud?

One way election officials weed out errors and identify potential cases of registration fraud is through advanced data analysis using machine learning.

How Do Political Polls Work?

Polls help politicians, policymakers, researchers, and others gauge public opinion. Learn how polls are conducted and how to read a poll.

How Does Campaign Funding Work?

Find out who is allowed to donate to local and national political candidates and how public and small-dollar donations come into play.

How Can Science Make Elections More Secure?

Social and computer scientists provide data and observations that can help safeguard and strengthen electoral systems.


Ask a Caltech Expert

Caltech researchers answer your questions: Why is it so hard to count every ballot? Why are presidential elections so difficult to forecast? And more.

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