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Ask a Caltech Expert: Lucy Jones on Earthquakes

Question 1
“The idea that a lot of small earthquakes will mean we don’t have to have a big one has no basis in reality.”
Question 2
"Getting that protected void so that you can wait until you are rescued is most likely to happen under a sturdy table.”
Question 3
“First is water. Second is water. Third is water, and the rest of it all comes somewhere after that.”
Question 4
"This is the human need to form patterns rather than any actual physical phenomenon."
Question 5
“The majority of tsunamis happen because of earthquakes—an earthquake that changes the shape of the seafloor.”
Question 6
“We can … [learn] about the earth from the ways the waves travel through.”
Question 7
“It may be that the earth doesn’t have the information about how big an earthquake will be before it begins."